“Soy Sauce Table Bottle” Registered as a Three-Dimensional Trademark

Kikkoman Corporation’s well-known glass soy sauce bottle with a red cap was recently registered as a three-dimensional trademark.

Typically three-dimensional trademarks that are successfully registered are three-dimensional objects which include printed letters or logos. However, examples of trademarks being registered as food containers which do not display any letters and logos are much rarer.

Some examples of trademarks that have been registered as three-dimensional trademarks in Japan which do not include letters or logos are Coca Cola’s glass bottle and Yakult’s plastic container.

Kikkoman commented that this registration proves that the appearance of the bottle is readily and publicly identifiable as the soy sauce table bottle.

Kikkoman’s soy sauce bottle was designed 50 years ago, and has been sold in about 100 countries around the world.