Prince Hotels Filed Lawsuit Against Tabata Prince Hotel

One of Japan’s well-known luxury hotel chains, Seibu Group Prince Hotels, recently filed a lawsuit against the “Tabata Prince Hotel”. The Tabata Prince Hotel opened in April of this year and has a more casual and relaxed atmosphere which differs greatly from the luxurious and high-end atmosphere of the Prince Hotels chain. Tabata is in an area in the northern part of Tokyo.

The name “Prince Hotel” was registered as a trademark 23 year ago and a trademark using the logo was filed after the original “Prince Hotel” application. In addition, there are several trademarks registered that include the name of a place and “Prince Hotel” such as the “Tokyo Prince Hotel” and the “Kyoto Prince Hotel”.

The Tabata Prince Hotel filed a trademark application for “Tabata Prince Hotel” as well as for a logo last October. The industry will be following this case to see if there will be future litigation.