Ayumu YATA

Ayumu YATA Ayumu YATA

former Chief Appeal Examiner of the JPO


BIOGRAPHYAyumu YATA has majored electronic engineering at Toyama University, Faculty of Engineering. He had also majored law at Chuo University, Faculty of Law.
He was registered as a patent attorney in 2013.
After leaving an electric appliance manufacturing company, he had joined the Japan Patent Office.
As a patent examiner at the JPO, he had examined a number of patent cases in the field of applied electronics, basic electronic circuits, semiconductor devices and electronic devices.
He had also examined appeal cases in the field of semiconductors and electronic circuits as the Appeal Examiner.
He had been in charge of examination cases and appeal cases in the fields of electronic devices, communications and data processing as the Director of 5th Patent Examination Department, the Chief Appeal Examiner of 21st Board of Appeals and the Department Head of 29th Board of Appeals.
He is familiar with litigation-related matters of patent cases, and has a wealth of experience as an examiner and appeal examiner.
Currently, he is mainly in charge of examination cases and appeal cases of patent applications of domestic electric appliance manufacturing companies.
He is always on the side of his clients, and carefully analyze backgrounds, points, and unique advantageous effects of his clients’ inventions. He is always trying to explain his clients' position to examiners, appeal examiners and judges.

PRACTICE AREASMr. Yata is a certified patent attorney who specializes in affairs related to Intellectual Property rights. He has done work in the areas of prosecution, appeal and litigation related to patents particularly in the areas of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

EDUCATIONUniversity of Toyama, Faculty of Engineering, Electric and Electronic Engineering Department
Chuo University, Faculty of Law


  • The New NEC Corporation
  • Japan Patent Office Examiner in the 5th Patent Examination Department (Applied Electronics, Electronic Devices, Basic Electronic Circuits and Semiconductor Devices) Appeal Examiner (Semiconductors, Electronic Circuits) Director of the 5th Patent Examination Department (Electronic Devices) Chief Appeal Examiner of the 21st Board of Appeals (Communications) Department Head of the 29t


LANGUAGEJapanese and English

HOBBIESTraveling, Cultivating Vegetables, Watching Movies