【S&P NEWS】2 Patent Attorneys have joined the Firm

We are very pleased to announce that this September 16, 2021 2 patent attorneys, Messrs. Akira NOMA and Makoto ARIGA, have joined our firm.

Akira NOMA is a registered patent attorney in Japan. He is a graduate of the University of Tsukuba, where he majored in Applied physics in the Faculty of Basic Engineering. After completing his university studies, he joined Minolta Corporation, Ltd., and was engaged in photoconductor development in the research department for copiers.
Mr. Noma passed the patent bar examination and was registered to practice before the Japan Patent Office in 1990. He has been working for IP law firms in Japan ever since and gained extensive patent procurement experience especially in such fields as engine machinery, structure, and software related technology.

Mr. Noma offers professional advice to his clients through an understanding of their purpose and objectives for patent applications and tries to secure broad and strong rights for their technology. His aim is to provide services that make his clients happy.

Makoto ARIGA is a registered patent attorney in Japan. He is a graduate of the College of Engineering at Ibaraki University. After completing his university studies in Mechanical Engineering, he joined Nissan Motor and was engaged in patent procurement and prosecution in the IP department.
Mr. Ariga took a career change and worked as an Examiner in the Japan Patent Office, where he examined patent applications mainly in the internal combustion engine control technologies and elevator technologies. He was registered as a patent attorney with the JPO in 2021.

Mr. Ariga has a wide range of experience in the IP field as a patent applicant as well as a patent examiner. From his unique vantage point as both an inside and outside patent practitioner, he strives to provide the best support to his clients.