Shinji DOI

Shinji DOI Shinji DOI

DEPUTY PRESIDENT of Osaka branch
Patent Attorney
former Examiner of the JPO


BIOGRAPHYShinji DOI studied at Doshisha University's Faculty of Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering where he focused his research on using impact pressure waves in the deep drawing process. Mr. Doi has also completed some course work in the area of law.
In 2015, after becoming a registered patent attorney, Mr. Doi left his examiners position at the Japan Patent Office.
Mr. Doi's experience includes working in the ACM mechanical department for Hirano Tecseed Co., Ltd. where he worked on the design and development of carbon fibers, glass fibers, as well as processing equipment for nonwoven fabrics, coatings devices and drying devices. After his experience in the ACM mechanical department, he transferred to the R&D department where he worked as a corporate intellectual property officer and was involved with patent applications, oppositions, invalidation trials, and patent infringement cases. During that same period, Mr. Doi also strengthened his knowledge related to both intellectual property and civil law in the areas of patents, copyrights, and civil procedure.
In 2007, Mr. Doi became an examiner in the 2nd Division where he utilized all of his prior experience and education to examine patent applications related to transport and storage devices; crushing, pulverizing, and milling devices and methods; as well as nozzles, spraying, and atomizing devices.
After leaving the JPO, Mr. Doi has primarily worked on patent applications for Japanese machine manufacturers and individual inventors. He also performs various types of searches such as prior art searches and invalidation searches.
Mr. Doi is able to use his experience as a machine manufacturer engineer as well as his experience at the JPO to provide multifaceted advice on his intellectual property concerns and business.
In addition to Japanese, Mr. Doi is able to also communicate in English. Even under pressure, he remains calm and able to make sound judgments. Considering and analyzing all of the information, he works with his clients to find the best solution and meet their needs.

PRACTICE AREASMr. Doi is a certified patent attorney who specializes in affairs related to Intellectual Property rights. He has done work in the areas of prosecution, prior art searches, appeals and litigation related to patents, designs and trademarks particularly in the area of mechanical engineering.

EDUCATIONDoshisha University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering

EXPERIENCEHirano Tecseed Co., Ltd
Department of ACM machines and Department of Research and Development (Involved with the engineering and development of processing devices for carbon fibers, glass fibers, non-woven fabrics, coating devices, and drying machines)

Japan Patent Office
Examiner in the Logistics and Assembling Division (Involved with the examination of inventions such as spraying and coating devices, fracturing and pulverizing devices, conveyan


LANGUAGEJapanese and English

HOBBIESPlaying Golf, Solving Puzzles