PATENT ATTORNEY with IP Litigation Certification
Master of Intellectual Property
former Senior IPR (Intellectual Property Right) Specialist, IPR National Center of Japan Customs


BIOGRAPHYMasato NAGASAKA is a graduate of Kansai University, School of Law. After completing the university, he began working in the field of intellectual property. He passed the patent bar examination and was registered to practice before the Japan Patent Office in 2004. He has been working as a patent attorney ever since and gained extensive experience in handling a wide range of tasks associated with trademark and design filing both in Japan and abroad for a variety of clients, including cosmetics companies, apparel companies, electronics companies, and health food companies.
In 2015, Mr. Nagasaka joined the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) National Center of Japan Customs, appointed by Japan Patent Attorneys Association. As a senior IPR specialist in the Coordination unit, he was involved in the border enforcement of IPR (enforcement against infringing goods) at Customs, which was quite unique and different from patent prosecution and patent litigation. In particular, he provided expert advice on design rights, trademark rights, plant breeder’s rights, and other complex issues relating to disputes.
Using his work experience in Customs, as well as his expertise in trademark and design prosecution, Mr. Nagasaka assists clients with his fast and efficient service considering every possible situation from listening to them.
Mr. Nagasaka offers his services in Japanese and English.

PRACTICE AREASMr. Nagasaka is a certified patent attorney who specializes in affairs related to Intellectual Property rights. He has done work in the following areas:
・IP (intellectual property) services, including trademark and design procurement and prosecution, research and investigation, trials, appeals and litigation; and
・Services related to application for suspension at Customs (preparation of necessary documents including a written application for a suspension, prima facie evidence providing the fact of infringement, and documents explaining information to identify infringing goods), request for expert advisors’ opinion (preparation of a statement brief, etc.), and identification procedures (preparation of a written opinion, etc.).

EDUCATIONKansai University, School of Law
Tokyo University of Science, Graduate School of Innovation Studies, Master of Intellectual Property

EXPERIENCETatsumi patent firm
Sato & Associates
Mutsuki Partners
IPR National Center of Japan Customs

Intellectual Property Association of Japan

ACTIVITIESJapan Patent Attorneys Association
- Responsible for collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and joint consultations with other professionals as a member of Tokyo Committee in Kanto Branch of JPAA (April 2009-April 2012)
- Responsible for joint workshops as the deputy head of the working group to collaborate with the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants Tokyo Chapter in Kanto Branch of JPAA (2011)
- a member of IP Enforcement Facilitation Committee of JPAA (April 2021-)

Japan Customs
- IPR Expert Advisor regarding Article 69-5, etc. of the Customs Law (January 2022-)

National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT)
- Responsible for trademark/design consultation as a resident expert at IP support desk (Tokyo) (April 2009-June 2015)

International Trademark Association
- Participated in annual meetings (2007, 2011-2015), roundtable discussions (2010), etc.

“Basic Knowledge of Character Protection”, “Expert’s Tips for Trademark Investigation”, Website articles (November 2008-June 2015)
“A First Book for Learning Rules and Procedures for the Registration of Trademarks and Designs-Easy to Understand through Stories”, published by Dobunkan Shuppan, October 2011
“Current status of border control on intellectual property”, contribute article to Journal of Towa Institute of Intellectual Property, October 2018

“Effective Methods for Design patent application”, Annual Symposiums and Research Meetings by Intellectual Property Association of Japan, November 2014
“Points to Note in Preparing Prima Facie Evidence Providing the Fact of Infringement-Focusing on Design Rights”, Workshop on Suspension System by Customs, December 2018

LANGUAGEJapanese and English

HOBBIESTraveling, Historic Sites, Art (Museums/Galleries), Botanical Gardens, Boxercise, Table tennis