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Takashi ABE

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BIOGRAPHYTakashi ABE studied industrial design at Chiba University's Faculty of Engineering.

His past work experience includes working at Toshiba Corporation's Design Center.
While at Toshiba, Mr. Abe was a product designer and was involved in designing home appliances, social infrastructure equipment, and industrial equipment.

With regard to home appliance design, he helped design various electronic appliances including video equipment, cooking equipment, and the like.
As for social infrastructure equipment and industrial equipment design, Mr. Abe was responsible for the design of equipment such as elevators, automatic ticket gates and broadcasting transmitters.
Furthermore, he served as the chief of the intellectual property group at the Design Center where he primarily was responsible for intellectual property design rights.

At Sakamoto and Partners, Mr. Abe is primarily works on Japanese patent applications, design applications, and trademark applications for Japanese companies.
He also creates drawings for foreign patent applications.

Mr. Abe utilizes the knowledge and experience that he has cultivated to support his clients' and consider their unique needs to provide support to ensure that they can reliably describe their inventions, designs, and trademarks thereby aiding in the registration of their intellectual property rights.

PRACTICE AREASDesigns and Drawings

EDUCATIONChiba University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Design

 Design Center
 Products Designer
 Group Manager of Intellectual Property Group