Tomokuni USHIO

Tomokuni USHIO Tomokuni USHIO

PATENT ATTORNEY with IP Litigation Certification
Former General Manager of Intellectual Property Department of Kracie Holdings, Ltd.

BIOGRAPHYTomokuni USHIO graduated from the Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science, Konan University. After graduation, he joined Kanebo Co., Ltd. (Kracie Holdings, Ltd.) and became a founding member of Kanebo Electronics Co., Ltd. (a semiconductor back-end process production company), where he worked as a semiconductor engineer.
Mr. Ushio was then transferred to the Intellectual Property Department at the head office and was in charge of patent and design prosecution in the fields of daily necessities, food, and herbal medicine. Having qualified as a patent attorney, he has gained experience in patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights, and domestic and international litigation.
Since 2018, he has been responsible for the overall management of intellectual property as General Manager of the Intellectual Property Center.
He has always tried to work closely with inventors to expand their research results into broad and powerful inventions and to obtain rights to the inventions. When a dispute arises with another company, he strives to reach a highly satisfactory agreement to create a win-win situation for both companies.
He is adept at identifying the true needs of his clients and helping them develop an intellectual property strategy for their business from the perspective of the intellectual property mix combining patents, designs, trademarks, and copyrights. He also has extensive experience in litigation, and if a client wants to deter other companies or is attacked by another company, he can propose the best solution according to their business environment and assist them in implementing it.

PRACTICE AREASIntellectual property services, including: patent and design prosecution, trials, appeals, and litigation

SPECIALIZED FIELDSPatents (chemical, food, etc.), designs, copyrights, unfair competition prevention law

EDUCATIONKonan University, Faculty of Science, Department of Applied Physics

EXPERIENCEKanebo Co., Ltd. (Kracie Holdings, Ltd.)
 Kanebo Electronics Co., Ltd. (Semiconductor back-end process production company)
 General Manager of Intellectual Property Center


ACTIVITIESJapan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)
Corporate Patent Attorney Intellectual Property Committee (2013-2016)
Vice Chairman (2014)
Unfair Competition Prevention Law Committee (2017)
Bio-Life Science Committee (2018)
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Intellectual Property Committee (2019-2021)
Standing Member (2021-2022)
Copyright Committee (2022-)
Management Center (2022-)

Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA)
Intellectual Property Issues Study Group (2016-2017)
Secretary of Kanto Chemistry Second and Trading Company Subcommittee (2020-2021)

Japan Foods & Biotechnology Intellectual Property Rights Center (JAFBIC)
Patent Committee (2008-2021)
   Chairman (2015)
Secretary of Application Invention Research Committee (2011-2021)
Director (2019-2021)

Japan Soap and Detergent Association (JSDA)
Expert Committee on Intellectual Property (2019-2022)
Vice Chairman (2020-2021)

Licensing Executives Society Japan
Kanto Training Committee (2020-2022)

Parliamentary Activities
Secretary of Patent Attorneys Club (2020-)
Training Committee, Japan Patent Attorneys Club (2022-)

LANGUAGEJapanese and English

LIKES AND INTERESTSTravel, hiking, skiing, watching sports