Three Tokyo 2020 Olympic Mascot Finalists Unveiled

In preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics a variety of designs need to be created. Previously a controversy surrounding the Olympic Games logo erupted due to accusations of plagiarism. To avoid this controversy, the original logo was scrapped and a new logo was selected.

In order to avoid any controversies related to the selection of the mascots, the Olympic Committee invited the Japanese public to submit mascots for the Olympics and Paralypics. The entries were to be reviewed by the Committee and a select few were to be shortlisted for Japanese schoolchildren to vote on.

On December 7, the three shortlisted mascots were released. Starting on December 11 and continuing until February 22, each elementary school classrooms will cast one vote each for their favorite entry. The results of the voting will be announced on February 28.

The first set of mascots is a pair of anthropoid characters bearing the ichimatsu pattern of the official Games logo. The second set of mascots are humanoid animals with the Olympics mascot having a blend of features from the Shinto shrine fox and the maneki neko (good-luck cat) and the Paralymics mascot modeled after stone-carved guardian dogs found at shrines. The third pair of mascots is a fox and dog with traditional Japanese markings and gold ribbons on their backs.

Trademarks for the winning designs will be sought following the final selection by the schoolchildren.