JPO Launched Website Aimed at Kids

Recently, the JPO has been promoting efforts to raise children’s awareness with regard to the pleasure of inventing, creating, envisioning, and developing new things. As part of this initiative and to commemorate Invention Day which was held on April 18, the JPO launched a website in Japanese geared towards kids to answer questions and provide stories on a variety of intellectual property topics. Some of the topics include the invention of instant cup noodles, and music developed for TV commercials. The hope is the kids will discover the joy associated with creating and developing new ideas.

Invention Day in Japan marks the anniversary of the enactment of the Patent Monopoly Act which was the first set of Japanese patent laws. The Patent Monopoly Act in Japan was enacted in 1885, and the first Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office was Korekiyo Takahashi.

Website Link (Japanese Only)